A great cake

I loved writing and illustrating A Great Cake. It’s quite unlike my other books and has only 64 different words, most of those from a recipe which is repeated four times. That doesn’t sound like much of a story but, with the help of the pictures, a lot happens in the 32 pages and by the end of the book the reader knows Harvey and his family pretty well. It’s a book about the pleasure of imaginative play. And, as the title suggests, it’s also a book about cake. More particularly, about how to make a cake and eat it with friends.

“Baking is an essential life skill which all children should learn from an early age and A Great Cake will encourage them to get started” — Sean Connolly, award winning chef from The Morrison and host of My Family Feast on SBS television.

Workings shows how I made some of the pictures for A Great Cake.
Here’s a clip of me reading A Great Cake

A Great Cake is available in paperback through Amazon Australia

And here’s the best reading of A Great Cake I’ve ever seen and heard. Listen carefully and you’ll hear her say  ‘flour, sugar and soft butter in a bowl’ and ‘a teaspoonful of vanilla’…